Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recently Addicted to Marathon caffeine

After a long rest i am back with blogging...I guess i am addicted to marathon..i am so enjoy in this kind of sport.

Today is 28/11/2011 and is about to be December which means year of 2011 is about to be end soon. Well, at least i enjoy the month of November. I had 3 marathon in a month. I feel so awesome but still not up to the class yet. i guess need more practice, i mean MORE MORE MORE!!!!! but my semester is going to start soon and it is going to be the most tough year for me because it is my last year in university. I must arrange well my study and my entertainment and sport because after finish study, turn to working life and working life is not as fun as university life..Anyone agree with me? but that is how i feel. Anyway everything does have PROS and CONS. Just how we look on it..

I am looking forward for up coming event but i havent register any event yet..HAH!!! will register soon if there is any..

Sign Off~~ will upload some picture later...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wish Me Luck~

In 6 hours later i am going to challenge myself...Challenge in Penang Bridge Marathon 2010.. i used to run 21km but this year abit different i am participate in 10km..WHY??? cause this year they had added 1 new category.. it is 10km for 18 years above. So i join this to challenge myself to get 1st place.. Hope i able to do it...ALAH~~~~~ ok this is just a quick blog..will update other stuff in next few days...See Ya GUYS~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Old Transform to NEW!!

It is quite a long time i did not touch my blog since the day when i started to do my internship..cause it is tiring after u came back from work and u will feel like lazy to on your computer and some more think of writing something on the blog..BUT today i on form... so i gotna write something which i wanted to write few months ago.... TADA.......let me show you guys my NOKIA phone!!....nice right!!


it is something lebih canggih...itu dia.......................

Carbon Fibre


Vetinal Display

this things have makes me to wait for it for few months since the day it launched but atlast it is selling in maxis and it is officially in malaysia
So i planned to buy this phone on the first day in the meanwhile i have work on that day so this is my plan i took half day ,i work in the morning and afternoon go and get this phone just only because i want to buy this phone and i did.. i took half day leave on that day but unfortunately it happened something i cant believe. It just a few hours the phone were selling fast and the stock finish in every where. Because i went to a few maxis center and they gave me the same answer " Finish and you have to book" so ok fine, i just leave my number and my name to them. i wish they will call me on next few days but my phone never rang. So i just wait..

Until next few weeks i went to gurney to meet up my friends...suddenly i saw there was a maxis booth inside the middle of the building. So i just curious and go ask" is there any iphone selling here?" and the promoter say "YES" on that time i feel that i am so lucky cause it is last one... LAST ONE!! so i dont care and straight away buy it because if i didn't buy this set, i think i have to wait another few more months to get it. it is so torture to wait for an iphone!!! i know maybe some people think is it worth to buy this cellphone? for me " YES" because i am APPLE fans.."An apple a day keep boring away from us" Hehe~~

it is late now it is 1.30 am and i am still awake at here, tomorrow sure will be tough task for me to wake up to go for work..ok head to bed now..will update my working stuff soon...


Friday, October 1, 2010

THanks GOD!!

i am going to thanks to god for helping me a pass on my supplementary!! HUHU~~ PASS PASS!!! What a mood i have now!! DAMN SYOK AH WEH!! no need to worry so much anymore! can focus on my next semester..look forward although is only a pass...okie time to have meeting with my bed now..which means time to oik oik..

Night everybody!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

NewWay Can't handle US

HI all, i am here again~ After a few days tiring work ,at last i can write something on my blog.. Oh ya, forgotten to say that currently i am doing internship, it is bit bit tiring work because the problem is i have to wake up in the 6.30 morning and go to work WEHHHH~~~~ but i guess i will used to it after a few more weeks...i have faith with myself...

Yesterday i slept till 8.30 morning because been wake up by my dearest mummy ,she ask me to eat breakfast..on that time i wake up i feel really good for me and i tell my mom, i say: " This is a human lifestyle laaaa.... wake at 8.30 baru healthy ma , wake at 6.30 is a human lifestyle meh!!!!!!!????"...then my mom laugh at me ask me next time when i am really in working sure KI CHIA liao~ actually she use other work talk to me but i use KI CHIA to express the feeling...hehe...

Yesterday went out with a group of buddy...The LOKE organizer~~ In the midnight of thursday when i was about to sleep, suddenly my phone rang and it was LOKE called me...he asked me wana sing k or not..because tomorrow is hari raya, everybody is free, no work no study...then all ON!!!


so yesterday we went to here
Our organizer went by himself because he got to fetch his girlfriend so i fetch all of my friend.When we arrive there the organizer havent arrive there. he late around 30 min!!! but we used to hokkien "BAAAA LIAOOOOOO" so we went to the nearest food court have some light food to fill up our stomach because we gotna eat in NEWAY~~

This is a famous guy name eric ..see he is so concentrate on choosing song




The Sweet couple: Loke and Evelyn

And also the Main Photographer~ Lets Cheer for him: Mr.Kangaroo Xp

Our happy Moment

2010 sleeping Buddha with cellphone

i dont understand what he is trying to do..>.<"

thats all for the singing section. will update my blog with something else soon...BYE~~

Monday, August 30, 2010

Just excatly what have i expected..

I had screw up 1 of my subject...have to is given second chance to take this subject but i lack of confident with this subject..shit.. i have bad feeling with this problem...haizz... But i will try my best to fight atleast a pass on is a MUST mission to pass hope god stay with me all the time...Wish me luck FOLKS~ the way i will upload my birthday story soon...